ODE User Accounts

A new feature of ODE is an optional free user account. This account will be shared with the PDS Geosciences Node's Analyst's Notebook Website, for user convenience. The same user account is used for all versions of ODE.

The user account allows ODE users to track their search history, bookmark searches and individual observations (PDS, ESA, and JAXA products), and review cart history.

Users need to log into each version of ODE (Mars, Mercury, Lunar, and Venus) to view their histories, bookmarks, and cart history for that version of ODE.

See the following help links for details on various account features.


Account maintance

Creating an account

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How to bookmark items

Product search

Map search

Product detail page

MRO Coordinated Observation


Logged in user options

User access page



Cart orders


If you have questions or have problems with the user account options, please contact us at ode@wunder.wustl.edu.