Bookmark List

One of the advantages to being logged into ODE is the ability to save bookmarks of product detail pages and search results. For information on creating the bookmarks, go to the creating ODE bookmarks help.

To access the list of saved bookmarks, click the user icon in the ODE banner. The associated drop down menu includes helpful user links. Click the "Bookmarks" link. The bookmark list is also one option of the user access links page.

Example bookmark list:

The list can be filtered by type of bookmark . A new browser tab with the bookmarked item will open by clicking the entry's link icon. Bookmarks can be removed using the delete icon . The entire bookmark list can be emptied using the "Remove All Bookmarks" button. Important: It is only recommended to view one search result list at a time. Filters must be applied in ODE, which could cause unexpected results if attempting to work with two searches at the same time.