User Access Links

Once a user is signed into ODE, the logged in icon will display, as well as a dropdown menu in the website banner. This dropdown menu includes a greeting based on user email address, links to bookmarks, history, cart orders, sign out, and a link to this help.


The links to bookmarks, history, and cart orders will navigate to the same shared page for accessing the listed resources. The page also allows users to navigate to the same page in different versions of ODE (Mars, Mercury, Lunar, and Venus). It is necessary to view the corresponding ODE target website to access associated bookmarks, history, and cart orders.

The left side of the page includes the navigational menu for selecting the page to view (Bookmarks, History, and Cart Orders).

Follow these links for further details on each page:

Bookmarks list

History list

Cart orders list


In addition, a dropdown menu allows users to navigate to the same options of the other ODE targets. This drop down menu will take the user to the corresponding ODE version. From there, the corresponding bookmarks, history, and cart orders can be viewed