ODE Cart Orders

To view previous ODE cart orders, click the "Cart Orders" link from the signed in user menu or the user access links page. This page displays a full list of the logged in user's cart orders listed in descending order. The bookmarks, history, and cart orders displayed only correspond with the currently viewed ODE version (Mars, Mercury, Lunar, and Venus). The user needs to navigate to the other ODE version to view orders from that ODE target.

Example of the cart orders list:

The list's order can be expanded by clicking to the left of each row. This button will expand the list of products in that order. See the example below:

Individual products can be viewed by clicking on their links. They will open to new browser tabs. In addition, products can be added to the user's current cart by clicking the check box to the right of each product. Or an entire cart order's contents can be added to the current cart by clicking the "Add list to current cart" button.