Creating ODE Bookmarks

Once a user is signed into the ODE website, options are available for saving bookmarks to search results and product detail pages. For the Mars ODE, MRO coordinated observation searches can be saved, as well.

After saving bookmarks, they are available from the user's bookmark list.

Bookmarking Product Search Results

Once a product search is run and the search results list is visible, the option to bookmark the search is available to signed in users.

Clicking the "Bookmark Search" link will expand the option to save the bookmark with an optional description. The description will only be visible to the user and can be used for later identification of the search results in their list of bookmarks. The optional description can be entered and the "Save Search" button is clicked to save the bookmark.


Upon saving the bookmark, a confirmation will be displayed.



Bookmarking Product Detail Page

When viewing a product detail page, a "Bookmark Product" link is displayed below the "Add Product to Cart" button.

After clicking the link, the option to save the product link bookmark, along with a description is displayed. The save button is clicked to save the link.

A confirmation is displayed after saving the bookmark.


Bookmarking a Map Search

It may be useful to bookmark a search created through the map interface. To save a map search, the user will actually save the state of the map search along with its search result list.

First create a normal map search with the desired product coverage layers, and select the intended search location. While viewing the "View Selection Results" tab, a "Bookmark Search" link will be available.


Clicking the "Bookmark Search" link will display the option for entering a description and saving the search. Enter desired description and click the "Save Search" button.

Upon successful save of the search, a confirmation will be displayed.


Bookmarking a MRO Coordinated Observation Search - Mars ODE

After running a MRO Coordinated Search through ODE, the search result list can be bookmarked for later reference.

First, enter the search criteria on the coordinated observation search page.

Click the "View Results in Table" button to view the result list. (The user may also view the results on the map and bookmark the map search results as previously described for the map search.)

The result list displays the coordinated observations, which can be expanded to view the product of each coordinated observation. A link to bookmark the search results is displayed above the list.


The link will expand the a section to enter an optional description for the saved search. The "Save Search" button needs to be clicked to save the search with or without a description.



A confirmation will be displayed upon successfully saving the bookmark.



The Coordinated Observation search is now available from the user bookmark list.