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What is in the ODE Database?

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At the heart of ODE is a database.  The ODE backend loads this database with information from the PDS archives.  The ODE web site allows users to search, explore, and access this data.  The database consists of several components:


Metadata Database – A SQL Database storing product and archive metadata
File set including:
oExpanded Product Labels
oBrowse and Thumbnail Images
oZoom and Pan Versions of Selected Browse Images
oDerived Files
oGeographical Maps


The metadatabase stores information about the PDS archives and products.  Fundamentally, the metadatabase is organized into four major components:


Dataset and Volume Information – Information about the PDS datasets and archive volumes that is accessible via ODE.
Product Information - Information about each PDS data product including product metadata extracted from the products label along with information about what files in the archive store the product information, what PDS node the product is stored at, how to access the actual product files, etc.
Directory/File Information – Information about each data set’s volume directories and files.  This is distinct from the product information’s product file data.  Rather, the directory/file information is used to provide a user with a directory or FTP like view of the archives including archive files that are not part of the product.
Coordinated Observation Information – Information about coordinated observations and which products are correlated to each observation.