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What are the System Requirements to use ODE?

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Google Chrome
Firefox 2.0 and above
Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
Netscape 9.0 and above
Safari 3.2 and above


Mac OS X

Safari 3.2 and above
Firefox 2.0 and above
Netscape 9.0 and above
Camino 1.0 and above



Firefox 2.0 and above


Browser Settings

Browser must have Flash enabled
Browser must have Java and JavaScript enabled
Browser must have Cookies enabled
Screen Resolution: 1024x768 or higher recommended
Be sure that pop-up blocker software is disabled



A few common solutions for the occasional browser problem with the website:


1.In some user scenarios, using the browser back button may cause unexpected results. We recommend that you use the navigational tabs and buttons on the website rather than the browser navigation buttons when using ODE.
2.A slow Internet connection may cause performance issues with the map page. This interactive component sends and receives a large amount of data to and from the user browser. A slow Internet connection may cause timing problems.
3.Occasionally, the expandable sections of the Data Product Search and MRO Coordinated Observation Search pages for entering search criteria do not display. This has been documented on slow Internet connections, and browser settings that strongly rely on previously cached pages. If this occurs, you can either hit the Reset Form button on the page or hold the keyboard Ctrl button down while you click the browser refresh button.