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Why are there differences between HiRISE, CTX, MCS, MOC and the other ODE products? (Mars/Moon ODE)

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ODE provides a method for searching, browsing, and accessing various archives in PDS. Some of the archives cataloged in ODE are stored at other PDS nodes. Specifically, HiRISE data is stored at the PDS HiRISE Data Node, CTX, MOC, Clementine EDR, UVVIS Basemap Mosaic, UVVIS DIM Mosaic, and HiRes Mosaic  data are stored at the PDS Cartography and Imaging Sciences Discipline Node, MCS is stored at the PDS Atmospheres Node, and Lunar Prospector MDR (Level 0, GRS/NS/APS/MAG/ER), MAG Processed Time Series (NASA Level 1B), MAG Filtered Time Series (NASA Level 2), MAG Magnetization Maps (NASA Level 3 and 4), ER Processed Time Series (NASA Level 1B), and ER Filtered Time Series (NASA Level 2) data are stored at the PDS PPI Node. With ODE Version 2.2, users can add these products to their download cart and the display of direct links to product files at their host PDS node. ODE's product detail page also provides links to the PDS node that stores the data for product access and download. This allows users to use the best tools for access and downloading the products from the host PDS node. For example, the HiRISE images are often very large and the HiRISE data node provides special web tools for viewing the products on line.