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How do I add products to my cart?

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First, your web browser needs to have cookies enabled. You will receive notification at the top of the pages of ODE if your browser does not have cookies enabled. Cookies can be enabled in most web browsers by navigating to the browser's tools and internet options.


The product search results list, product detail, and MRO coordinated observation search results page contain the functionality for adding products to your cart.


On the product search results list, the user simply selects the checkboxes next to the desired products, and then clicks the "Update Cart" button. After the products have been added to the cart, the text "In Cart" will be visible in the far right column of the product list. Deselect the check boxes and click "Update Cart" to remove selected products from the cart.


The product detail page contains “Add Product to Cart” and  “Remove Product from Cart” buttons on its default browse tab. These buttons are used to immediately add or remove the current product from the cart. If the product is in the cart or has just been added to the cart, text will indicate, "This product is in your cart." above the add and remove buttons. The product detail page may also contain a “Related Products” tab if the current product is associated with other data products in ODE. The “Related Products” tab contains the same functionality as the search results list for adding and removing related products from the cart.

The coordinated observation search results page displays groups of products by default. Clicking on the "expand products" image will display the individual products of the group. Once the individual products are displayed they can be added to the cart with the check boxes and "Update Cart" button in the same fashion as the product search results list page.