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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ODE?


What are the System Requirements to use ODE?


What is PDS?


What are PDS Nodes?


What are PDS Archives? / What is a Data Set?


What are Data Products?


What is a Product Id?


What is a Product Type?


Are data products the same as files?


What is in the ODE Database?


Why are there differences between HiRISE, CTX, MCS, MOC and the other ODE products? (Mars ODE)


Coordinate system?


What are derived files?


What are product footprints and how do I use them?


What are Footprint Product Coverage Maps and How Do I Use Them?


What is ODE's relationship to Google Earth and what are KML/KMZ files?


What is ODE’s relationship to ESRI’s ArcGIS and what are Shapefiles?


Cart Help

Are data products and data sets free?
How do I add products to my cart?
How do I download data products and data sets?