Product Coverage KMZ Local Footprint Coverages for Venus

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The derived KMZ local footprint coverages can be downloaded for each separate PDS product, including data listed as follows. These KMZ footprint coverages can be opened directly in Google Earth by double clicking the KMZ file.

Note: *_with_time.kmz files contain time information. You can view those image footprints sequentially in Google Earth. For example, you can view Mars MRO Sharad RDR footprints (mars_mro_sharad_rdr_with_time.kmz) that occurred within a specific time period and visually follow these tracks. When you play with those files in Google Earth, there will be a time slider shown on the screen. Introduction on how to use the time slider can be found in the web

KML files
Because many of the coverage maps are quite large, in addition to the coverage file encompassing the entire planet, ODE provides a set of 45x45 degree coverage tiles. The tiles have their upper left corner in latitude/longitude included in their file names. These tiles are generated by selecting all products with their CENTERS inside the tile. NOTE: FOOTPRINTS THAT CROSS INTO A GIVEN TILE BUT WHOSE CENTERS ARE IN THE NEIGHBORING TILES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE GIVEN TILE. Users should load the neighboring tiles when working close to a tile edge or products with large footprints.

Please review the coverage file naming convention in the ODE help.

The following folders contain ODE generated footprint coverage files grouped by mission, instrument, and product type.

 MGN (Magellan) mission
   RDRS (Radar System)
     MGN RDRS ARCDR (Altimeter and Radiometry Composite Data Records) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS C1MIDR (Compressed-Resolution MIDR) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS C2MIDR (Twice Compressed-Resolution MIDR) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS C3MIDR (Three Times Compressed-Resolution MIDR) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS FMAP (Full Resolution Radar Mosaic) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS FMIDR (Full-Resolution Mosaicked Image Data Record) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS GEDR (Global Emissivity Data Record) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS GREDR (Global Reflectivity Data Record) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS GSDR (Global Slope Data Record) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS GTDR (Global Topography Data Record) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS GVDR (Global Vector Data Record) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS PMIDR (Polar Stereographic Mosaicked Image Data Record (MIDR)) Coverage Files
     MGN RDRS TOPO (Topo. Maps, Planetary Radius, Harmonic Coeff.)Coverage Files

   RSS (Radio Science Subsystem)
     MGN RSS GRAV Coverage Files