Additional Mercury ODE Tools

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MLA Geolocated Science Query Tool
MLA Geolocated Science Query Search of MLA Geolocated Science (formerly called RDR) points based on features, latitude/longitude range, altitude, orbit range, observation time, and PDS product id pattern. Returns observation result count, ASCII/CSV tables, Shapefiles, or Binned Images. Results can be tiled to allow easier management of large queries. This new version executes queries in the background (users submit the query and get an email when the query is finished), allowing much larger queries covering larger surface areas.
Mercury Footprint Coverage Explorer
Access product coverage data in KML (Google Earth/Mars) and shape file formats.
ODE REST Service
The Geosciences Node provides a simple web-based API that allows non-PDS web and processing tools to search for PDS products, obtain meta-data about those products, and download the products stored in ODE's meta-data database.