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MOC Wide Angle Standard Data Product (WASDP)

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WASDP – Wide Angle Standard Data Product


Instrument: Mars Orbiter Camera

PDS Data Set ID: MGS-M-MOC-NA/WA-2-SDP-L0-V1.0

For more information about MOC WASDP products, see the Data Product SIS.


The Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) Wide Angle Standard Data Products (WASDPs) are single images in the compressed format as delivered from the instrument.  The data have been depacketized and reformatted with standard labels, but are otherwise “raw”.  The maximum possible width of the image is 3456 pixels.


MOC WASDP products have the following file names:



mmm = 3-character mission phase

CAL = Calibration

E01-E23 = Extended mission

FHA = Mapping

M00-M04, M07-M19 = Mapping

R01-R19 = Relay

S01-S23 = Support

nnnnn = 5-digit image index within the mission phase


In ODE, WASDP products have the following product IDs: