Mars ODE - Current Processing Summary

The listed data sets are currently being updated in the Mars Orbital Data Explorer website database.
Currently Updating Data Sets
What does this mean?

New PDS data products are being loaded into the website.
The contents of the website are being updated.
New PDS data products may be available through the product search page, but have not been loaded into the map services.
ODE Processing - Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I still run queries in the website while data sets are being processed?
Yes - You can still execute searches on data sets that are being processed. The search results may take longer to return because the update activity is occuring simultaneously and indexes have not been updated. Additionally, search results may be different minutes later as additional PDS data products are processed.

Will I get incorrect results if I run a query against a data set that is being processed?
Search result counts may vary as more PDS data products are being processed. No "incorrect" product meta data will be returned.

How often are data sets processed in ODE?
Different data sets are released at at different times depending on the mission and instrument team schedules. Most PDS data sets from ongoing missions have a data release every three months. Some instrument teams release new data more often.

How will I know when a data set has been completely processed?
The mission, instrument, product type will not be displayed in the "Currently Updating Data Sets" list.

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