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  Moon Feature Layer show details
  Moon Feature Layer Landers show details
   LRO - DLRE GCP show details
   LRO - DLRE GDR_L3 show details
   LRO - LOLA RADR show details
   LRO - LOLA RDR Slow Loading Map Layer show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRSKY show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRPSR show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRDGM show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRDSM show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRDRM show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRDEM show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRDEC show details
   LRO - LOLA SLDEM show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRVIS show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRDAC show details
   LRO - LOLA GDRDAM show details
   LRO - LROC CDRWAV show details
   LRO - LROC CDRWAU show details
   LRO - LROC CDRWAM show details
   LRO - LROC CDRWAC show details
   LRO - LROC ANAGLY show details
   LRO - LROC CDRNAC Slow Loading Map Layer show details
   LRO - LROC MDR show details
   LRO - LROC SDP show details
   LRO - LROC SDNDTM show details
   LRO - LROC MDRWVS show details
   LRO - LROC MDRWUV show details
   LRO - LROC BDRWMV show details
   LRO - LROC BDRWGL show details
   LRO - LROC BDRROI show details
   LRO - LROC BDRNPL show details
   LRO - LROC MDREMP show details
   LRO - LROC SDWDTM show details
   LRO - LROC EDRWAV show details
   LRO - LROC EDRWAU show details
   LRO - LROC EDRWAM show details
   LRO - LROC EDRWAC Slow Loading Map Layer show details
   LRO - LROC EDRNAC Slow Loading Map Layer show details
   LRO - MRFLRO CDR show details
   LRO - MRFLRO BSRDR show details
   LRO - MRFLRO BSDDR show details
   LRO - MRFLRO BSEDR show details
   LRO - MRFLRO MAPCDR show details
   LRO - MRFLRO MOSCDR show details
   LRO - MRFLRO MOSDDR show details
   GRAIL - LGRS RDR show details
   CH1-ORB - M3 CALIMG show details
   CH1-ORB - M3 CALIV2 show details
   CH1-ORB - M3 CALIV3 show details
   CH1-ORB - M3 REFIMG show details
   CH1-ORB - MRFFR CDR show details
   CH1-ORB - MRFFR MOSCDR show details
   CH1-ORB - MRFFR MAPCDR show details
   LUNAR RADAR - RTLS/GBT RADL1 show details
   LUNAR RADAR - RTLS/GBT RADL2 show details
   LUNAR RADAR - RTLS/GBT SRADL2 show details
   CLEM - HIRES MDIM show details
   CLEM - HIRES EDR show details
   CLEM - LIDAR RDR show details
   CLEM - LWIR RDR show details
   CLEM - LWIR EDR show details
   CLEM - NIR MDIM show details
   CLEM - NIR EDR show details
   CLEM - RSS GRAV show details
   CLEM - RSS BSR5 show details
   CLEM - UVVIS MDIMG show details
   CLEM - UVVIS MDIM show details
   CLEM - UVVIS EDR show details
   LP - RSS GRAV show details
   LO - 24Inch_FLC CDR show details
   LO - 80MM_FLC CDR show details
Available Base Maps
  LRO LOLA Topography show details
  ULCN Topography (Smoothed) show details
  Clementine UVVIS Topography  show details
  Clementine UVVIS Mosaic show details
  Lunar Orbiter Global Digital Mosaic  show details
  LRO LROC WAC Mosaic show details

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